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(609) BIG/UBI presentation

Toy_robotA nice explanation of what the Basic Income Guarantee or Universal Basic Income would be all about from the author of Robots Will Steal Your Job.  We need this now: spiritually, morally, economically and for practical reasons.

What if everybody got free cash? Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income. Frederico Pistono at at the Future of Work Summit, NASA Ames Research Park, CA, June 30, 2014 YouTube 28:09

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image: Jonathan McIntosh via Wikimedia Commons

(575) $20k

Canada-GooseYou know, Canada Day would be the perfect day on which to launch a guaranteed minimum income for all.  Happy Canada Day.

Guaranteed $20K income for all Canadians endorsed by academics. Advocates enjoy resurgence of plan to ease poverty cbc.ca

Are Canadians worth 20k a year guaranteed? ctvnews.ca

image: A Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) skimming over ice at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary Alberta. Photo by Chuck Szmurlo via Wikimedia Commons

(549) Minimum income: is anyone listening in Ontario?

HELPING HANDSSenior Tory Hugh Segal was in the GTA this week advocating for a guaranteed minimum income.  With an election underway you’d think we’d be all over this.  Kinda weird, since a guaranteed minimum income “…could pretty much eliminate poverty entirely.”  With a bit of a push?

No taxpayer left behind. A plan to guarantee Ontarians a minimum income is gaining little traction, even though the same basic idea already helps keep our seniors out of poverty The Grid

image: bystanders help motorist in bad conditions – NARA via Wikimedia Commons