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(267) Twenty twenty vision [Report]

Cheerful reading from Resolution Foundation, a British think tank, which produced a document last fall called Gaining from growth: the final report of the Commission on Living Standards.  Important employers, labour leaders, economists and parents’ groups were looked to for the major findings of the report.  Such a grounding in reality continues on from other publishing efforts from Resolution with a focus on the difficulties facing lower and middle income households.  The major single conclusion of late?  That by 2020 the wages of middle and low income households in the UK will be no better than they were in 2000.  My goodness, no wonder we sometimes end up using the f-word on this blog!

Resolution Foundation publications page

(86) Wages in Canada

This weekend in the mass media in Canada there will be tons of worthless human interest bullshit about those whacky, maxxed out Americans going nuts, getting pepper sprayed and trampled to death storming strip malls for Black Friday bargoons.  Getting less attention will be fresh Statistics Canada data showing the failure of wages in Canada to keep up with inflation.  Considering wages have been sliding in real terms in this country since the 1970s we have to ask who the idiots really are.  Happy Thanksgiving America!
Wages not keeping up with cost of living Halifax Chronicle Herald