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(967) Cheap at ten times the price: MB benefit protects baby health

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Eighty-one dollars a month is a modest sum well spent in the form of Manitoba’s Healthy Baby Prenatal  Benefit.  Strong hints of the social blessings associated with basic income are found here.

$81 a month buys a healthier baby. Lift out of poverty helps women give birth to fewer premature and low-weight babies (video 2:07)

image: Kristina Alexanderson

(934) Rocky retirements on the way for many [Study]

retirementBroadbent Institute has released an important and unsettling report on where too many of us are headed in retirement.  Canada’s mainstream media has picked up the report quite widely.
Retirement? Few Canadians without an employer pension plan have enough money, study says. Broadbent Institute finds fewer than 20% of middle-income earners have more than 5 years of savings video 6:21
Many Canadians nearing retirement don’t have the savings they need to avoid poverty

image: Simon Cunningham via flickr/CC

(921) Goodwill closure

thriftCash flow problems? Well, we can’t say we like the closure of Goodwill stores in Ontario.  And what of the presence of a high pay and high profile manager while this flop occurred?  The stores and their associated services play a role for those in social difficulty here.  But only when they are open.

Goodwill workers blast charity’s CEO over closures. Workers frustrated and furious at the abrupt closure of 16 Goodwill stores, 10 donation centres and two offices (video 00:57)

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image: Leslie Abraham via Flickr/CC