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(879) Awful UK

Cropped-CMEC_1_009Awful signals from Britain these days as third and fourth generation neocons keep doing what they do.

This is the day we say farewell to everything that was good about Britain

‘Conscious cruelty’: Ken Loach’s shock at benefit sanctions and food banks.‘ Hunger is being used as a weapon,’ says veteran director, calling for public rage over situation he says is worse than when he made Cathy Come Home in 1966

image: Willwal via Wikimedia Commons/CC

(850) That time of year [Hunger Awareness Week & Daily Bread report]

H15With some spare time between the joys of back-to-school and the horrors of Halloween Canadians are free to discover the country’s food bank activity.  For Greater Toronto a decline in the core for food bank visits is seen.  An incredible 45% increase ( since 2008 ) for the inner suburbs reflects the harsh dynamics of real estate inflation and income inequality here.  Women and children rely more heavily on food assistance, as they have in the past.  Further recognition arrives this year of those who regularly do without for a full day each week.  Truly, this is something our system produces.

Who’s Hungry 2015

Toronto food bank report highlights nationwide problem
yahoo.ca with CBC video 1:58

Hunger in Toronto is a tale of two cities. Food bank use in Toronto continues to rise in the city’s inner suburbs and drop downtown, according to Daily Bread Food Bank’s annual report

Toronto’s food banks see rising demand in inner suburbs

Suburban poverty has arrived in Toronto, food bank data shows

(823) Looking at food and food banks in Canada

145219869_0e6c14aaec_zFood banks have been part of life here for three decades now.
Maybe we have never seen them properly.

Going hungry: digesting Canada’s food security problem
globalnews.ca – see hyperlinks

Shut up and take my money! Or, why cash transfers aren’t a silver bullet for food banks
rabble.caend of a three-part series by Jesse Bauman

image: Roadside pictures via Flickr/CC

(674) Varsity blues

ramenFood bank use by university students is the subject of this item from the University of Toronto publication The Varsity.  Being a post secondary student isn’t cheap and there’s always been a low rent element in student life.  But this recent data indicates a higher level of sacrifice and difficulty is now attached to getting further education than was the case in the past.

Food bank usage among students increasing: report. Eight per cent of annual food bank users in Ontario are senior citizens, students