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(861) Tom & Mary

2983227746_b222448175_zElection 42 is peaking as we write.  What a doozy: far too long and no attention for poverty.  Too much focus on personalities.  And wasn’t that a Tory Prime Minister flaunting his relationship to track-suited one-time wild man Rob Ford at some kind of rally in Etobicoke the other day?  We certainly heard about the economy a fair bit over the last several weeks.

Lowest point: the high level disinterest in the women’s issues debate.  Highest point: …uh, we’ll get back to you on that.

Setting aside the big picture, waiting for the polls to come in all across our very wide nation we can zoom in on one particular economic situation in search of Canadian reality.  Think we’ll forward this to the legal department. Tax evasion advice from a major newspaper?  Don’t know, maybe?

How a couple with a net worth of $10 million and annual income of $215,000 can pay $0 in income tax

image: Philip Bond via FLickr/CC

(848) Election talk

8130059291_5b3821fefc_zCanada’s federal election and the American presidential election will overlap for a bit through the fall.  We Canadians are not talking about an important issue.  South of the border, they are talking about the wrong thing (you know, the thing with the hair).  Wages and inequality need a little more talk time, please.

Stephen Harper continues the Liberal war to drive down wages: Walkom. The war on wage-earners is one that even NDP leader Tom Mulcair doesn’t talk about

What candidates talk about when they talk about inequality

image: Lindsay Bremner via Flickr/CC

(824) Fear and wisdom at the top

Bgx7qr7CcAAjnAyIn this New York Times piece a man benefitting from the lopsided nature of capitalism, who finds himself near the top of the pyramid, expresses concern for the future.  No, he isn’t worried so much about Islamic extremism, earthquakes or killer bees.  Anger generated by incredible levels of inequality, enough to tear apart the system that gave him so much, is his great fear.  Soon others may have this golden moment, hopefully in time, and in big enough numbers, to do something wise about inequality.

Capitalists arise: we need to deal with income inequality
The author of this piece is a chairman emeritus at a major Wall Street financial services corporation and currently writing a book about the expiration of the middle class