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(989) Aging in place, kinda winging it

station wagon” …car-centric suburban neighbourhoods with multi-level homes and scarce sidewalks are a poor match for people who can’t climb stairs or drive a car.”
Here’s a feature that profiles a boomer-age man in a subdivision dating from what appears to date to the 1970s through 1990s.  Like millions of other people in the United States and Canada his mind is turning to the latter stages of life when such things as income and mobility go into decline as health and social services needs go up.  Such a great turning is bound to influence our communities in every possible way.  Some thought and planning has gone into this realigning of things but we get the feeling it isn’t yet enough.  This item does a very nice job of setting out the basic proposition with a brace of statistics and writerly turns of phrase.  Recommended reading.
Many boomers in denial over problems they face growing old in suburbs

(508) Resilience & global suburbanisms

BehemothBehemoth, the fictional, hog-sized, vodka-drinking and chess-loving black cat that accompanied Satan on his rounds of Moscow in the late 1930s came to mind when we read the tag line on an interesting online piece from York University.  From Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita Behemoth was anything but a cuddly kitten.  Being revealed daily in a challenging world is the true nature of the world’s sprawl zones.  The sustainability and the level of resilience available to these places is an open question.
A good entry point to some of that discussion is reachable from the link below.

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image: Behemot in Kyiv via Wikimedia Commons