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(1067) Climate change pushes American public housing tenants

An alarming feature from Bloomberg describes the impact of climate change on public housing in America.  Storms and rising sea levels have already put pressure on vulnerable tenants.  Questions are arising faster than answers, let alone resources, regarding this matter.
Climate change is already forcing Americans to move

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(1063) Trumping the poor of America

How on Earth could anyone think a whack-job Manhattan zillionaire hijacking the Republican Party and then the Presidency represents the beginnings of anything good for America?  For America’s poor?  Nope. Nope. Nope.
Things are about to get much worse for poor Americans
I’m a disabled American.  Trump’s policies will be a disaster for people like me

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(1060) US election upside

Ballot initiatives in America came in along with the gruesome news that an orange Manhattan billionaire, who lives in a gold-plated penthouse, is the president elect.  Such initiatives have all sorts of of local/regional importance and could make things better for working people and consumers.  We’re talking transit projects and minimum wage increases in particular, two things that directly affect the lives of the poor.
Four trends from state and local elections
Glimmers of hope: ballot initiatives
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(1052) Philadelphia suburban poverty

philly22kIf numbers from a series of new reports on poverty are anything to go by the Great Recession is still roiling away around Philadelphia.
Over 22K children in Philly’s suburbs are experiencing deep poverty. Two reports of a series of five from Public Citizens For Children and Youth show more children in Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Bucks counties are experiencing economic hardship now than they were during the Great Recession

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