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(983) Unaffordable

If major cities are to be money mills for real estate investors – especially overseas ones – affordable housing for working people needs to be considered necessary infrastructure and supported appropriately.
Burnaby’s low-income residents face evictions amid development boom
Race and real estate. How hot Chinese money is making Vancouver unliveable

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(838) Globe on “hacking” housing crisis in Van

8393677938_77c6bd92ff_zCanada’s largest circulation newspaper ( or is it second largest, we don’t remember exactly and in a dying industry does it matter who is first ) shows us how to make a really fantastic contribution to the discussion of one of the most pressing public issues.

The Globe and Mail suggests ‘hacking’ Vancouver housing crisis by living in your car

If you go down this road here are some pointers:
(103) A man’s home is his castle …and frequently also his shitbox!

Hey Globe and Mail, look who was on this, like, six hundred postings ago…
(262) Living in a van in Van

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(835) No negative impact in first living wage municipality

5637921189_56b63e6a47_zA Vancouver municipality enacts a mandatory living wage in 2011.  City official says the results have been good.

Mandatory living wage a success in first Canadian municipality to adopt the practice. The Vancouver suburb was the first municipality in Canada to introduce a living wage in 2011 and the city says it hasn’t seen any negative impacts

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(831) Vancouver dilemma

thubyVancouver sometimes seems to have taken such an awful turn into economic weirdness it is hard to know what to do with it.  Transit hubs and higher densities are supposed to be helpful things, markers of adaptation.  In Vancouver’s real estate-driven reality they are causing harm.

Cheap rentals near transit hubs face wave of demolition. 
Metro Van density plans invite wrecking ball to three lower-income neighbourhoods

(625) The Naked truth about poverty

bifnakedSeeing and hearing those in poverty is so important.  Artists have a way of amplifying the signal – thanks quite often to lived experience.  Bif Naked lends a hand to the Welfare Food Challenge.  Twenty-one dollars a week for food: three bucks a day.  Welcome to welfare living in Vancouver.


Bif Naked takes on challenge to highlight low welfare rates in B.C.
globalnews.ca with video 2:06

image: Bif Naked via Instagram

(481) Getting by in BC: a single, working parent’s profile

BC child povertyMothers and children in poverty.  What a topic for British Columbia, now “leading” the country in child poverty. Hopefully we won’t just look to BC for high numbers but solutions to the problem, and soon.  If there is one place to get social conditions right it is with children – how’s that for a statement of the obvious?  For this item a writer headed down to south Langara to learn from a single mom there.

No Easy Numbers for Single Mom Poverty. BC figures show sharp fall in their median income. But variable data hides the real story.
The Tyee

image: Joaquim Alves Gaspar via Wikimedia Commons