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(913) Ontario: industry & precarity

Highway 401Ontario is still a busy province that makes a lot of stuff.  Drive along Highway 401 and you will see huge numbers of every type of truck carrying every kind of load you can possibly imagine.  Yet, for working people things are different somehow.  Having a job just isn’t what it was.
This is why workers are fed up with Ontario’s precarious, low-wage economy pressprogress.com

image: Katelyn via Flickr/CC

(881) Change Work [Mowat report]

decentSome of the most important things that support a civil society are best held at arms length from full-on capitalism.  That’s where and how the non-profit sector has evolved and can play such a wonderful role when it comes to meeting human needs.  In exchange for their privileges, though, that sector also needs to keep an eye on itself going forward…

A ‘decent’ proposal: not-for-profits should raise job standards, report says. The Change Report argues the not-for-profit industry can lead the way on fair pay and benefits and help end precarious work in Ontario thestar.com

Links to 48-page .pdf copy of report via mowatcentre.ca

(848) Election talk

8130059291_5b3821fefc_zCanada’s federal election and the American presidential election will overlap for a bit through the fall.  We Canadians are not talking about an important issue.  South of the border, they are talking about the wrong thing (you know, the thing with the hair).  Wages and inequality need a little more talk time, please.

Stephen Harper continues the Liberal war to drive down wages: Walkom. The war on wage-earners is one that even NDP leader Tom Mulcair doesn’t talk about

What candidates talk about when they talk about inequality

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