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(942) Two reads for IWD

woman on the busFor International Women’s Day we thought to first share a longish feature from The Guardian.  Written in 2014, it’s about who gets to design our communities.  The second shorter piece is about a specific item of social policy and women.
If women built cities, what would our urban landscape look like? The number of women in UK architecture firms is falling, and many urbanists are worried by the ‘very, very male-dominated’ worlds of planning and construction. So how would cities differ if women designed them? (2014)
Thinking about basic income on International Women’s Day

image: litherland via Flickr/CC

(888) Student debt republic

US student debtLess-than-the-best housing is an up front tactical issue for students. A deferred, strategic issue, and probably the more socially worrisome of the two, is the enormous debt they can wind up carrying.  Not a pretty trillion-dollar picture in America.

Where do Americans have the most student debt? A new map tracks the growing crisis down to a zip code citylab.com

Student debt can hurt women more than men. A loan can be more financially painful for women, whose pay doesn’t grow at the same rate as men bloomberg.com (video 5:07)

(699) Carry on, Precarionto

1jz7Precarious Toronto.  Hey GTA, anyone got a plan for all this?  …for any of it?

Toronto, Vancouver among cities seeing falling wages huffingtonpost.ca

GTA housing boom masks growing structural challenges.
Deteriorating affordability, lack of housing choice and a strained
transportation system require a regional policy approach
TD Economics – 20 page .pdf file

Women’s work opportunities declining in GTA. A new study finds women at both ends of the age spectrum were hit hard by the recession, often forced to ‘de-skill’ to low-wage, precarious jobs thestar.com

What have you done to keep the rich richer lately? rabble.ca