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(888) Student debt republic

US student debtLess-than-the-best housing is an up front tactical issue for students. A deferred, strategic issue, and probably the more socially worrisome of the two, is the enormous debt they can wind up carrying.  Not a pretty trillion-dollar picture in America.

Where do Americans have the most student debt? A new map tracks the growing crisis down to a zip code citylab.com

Student debt can hurt women more than men. A loan can be more financially painful for women, whose pay doesn’t grow at the same rate as men bloomberg.com (video 5:07)

(699) Carry on, Precarionto

1jz7Precarious Toronto.  Hey GTA, anyone got a plan for all this?  …for any of it?

Toronto, Vancouver among cities seeing falling wages huffingtonpost.ca

GTA housing boom masks growing structural challenges.
Deteriorating affordability, lack of housing choice and a strained
transportation system require a regional policy approach
TD Economics – 20 page .pdf file

Women’s work opportunities declining in GTA. A new study finds women at both ends of the age spectrum were hit hard by the recession, often forced to ‘de-skill’ to low-wage, precarious jobs thestar.com

What have you done to keep the rich richer lately? rabble.ca