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(154) Long Island

Long Island is one of the places where post-war North American suburbia came into existence.  This week readers in Canada and the States can learn where things are at now in an HBO special called Hard Times: Lost On Long Island.

“…a sobering look at the realities of long-term, white-collar unemployment in America, as seen through the eyes of several Long Island residents who lost their jobs in the wake of the recent recession.”

Hard Times HBO Canada
Hard Times US site

(77) Buffalo

Is it too much a statement of the obvious to cross connect the decline of manufacturing in western countries with suburban poverty?  Buffalo, NY, which is now the third poorest city in the United States, would seem to be a case in point.  An economy dominated by financial services seems to act as a vast wealth collector for the super elites.  A manufacturing economy does the same but required inputs of labour which in turn required wages be paid out to the wider community.  It could also be said that there was an integrity, a moral good to be had in making the things one uses.

Suburban plight for poor BuffaloNews.com