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(524) Working at Western

Weldon Library University of Western Ontario“Bland Stalinist optimism.” Now that’s a sharp turn of phrase well applied to one of the priciest and most image-conscious universities in Canada.  Western’s white collars must be reaching for the Prozac™ and the Pepto Bismol™ a lot these days.  Looks like rebranding the university Canada’s Harvard is turning out to be a little tougher than they thought it might be.  Jacked up tuition leaves students indentured with uncertain prospects for employment regardless of how much fantasy projection those running the university apply to their brand.  Sessional instructors, teaching assistants, doctoral students and support staff at the university have come to find their working lives frequently as precarious as those of fast-food workers while trying to contribute to an institution that is supposed to exemplify our society’s best ideals.  Read about Western in this piece from the blog of Openwide, an alternative student print publication.

Purple and poor: the real Western experience  

image: D. B. Weldon Library on the campus of University of Western Ontario by Balcer via Wikimedia Commons