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(231) Twin Cities Minnesota

Mainstream media station KARE 11 provides video and a short article absolutely typical of suburban poverty.  The numbers for Minnesota-Saint Paul are pretty vicious.
In Dakota county alone visits to food banks have gone up three hundred and forty two percent in three years.  What comes after a development like that?

Poverty in the Twin Cities suburbs on the rise

photo: bradleypjohnson via Wikimedia Commons

(228) Hungercount 2012 [Report]

Hungercount 2012 has been released.  Produced by the national umbrella association for Canada’s food bank community.  Data for all provinces are included along with details of methodology.  No, it isn’t really getting any better.

Like it says, over 882,000 people use food banks in Canada.  What’s with that, are we going for a million?

Food Banks Canada | Banques Alimentaires Canada website

Hungercount 2012 36 page .pdf file

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(72) Foodbankistan

Sorry Charlie, ...you had to use a food bank.
Sorry Charlie, …you had to use a food bank.

While consuming an overpriced coffee product this morning we accidentally read part of today’s Globe & Mail.  It was left behind on a table in a Barstuck’s coffee shop in Toronto’s financial district.  The usual doom-and-gloom and consumerism filled the paper but we were heartened to see one article: a double pager with no ads about food bank use in every province.  Maps and graphics made for factually solid reading.  At suburban-poverty.com we are torn by media coverage of poverty.  We are glad to see it and we hate to see it.

Ironically, we were on our way to Metropolitan United Church Community Services where  participation in the Out-of-the-Cold program is under way.  Thusly aligning the reality of the Globe piece with our own, however fleetingly.  Curiously, we were chatting with several of suburban-poverty.com’s board of governors the other day and we remarked that when we were in Grade 8 there were no food banks, but there was this Prime Minister named Mulroney…

Demand for food banks stubbornly high