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(270) Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio has taken its share of hits in the Great Recession.  One of the strategies businesses there have been taking to is moving lower paying jobs to the suburbs.  There’s more flexibility out there for leasing property, parking is cheap or free and the payroll taxes can be lower.  More prestigious, higher-paying jobs are staying downtown.

Downtown loses jobs, suburbs gaining. Recession amplified national trend: It’s often cheaper, more practical to move lower-paying jobs to the burbs

image: Rdikeman via Wikimedia Commons

(52) Crap jobs

A modest moment of truth and advocacy in the UK online press today.  How lovely, after all the recent idiocy over Murdoch, to be reminded such moments are possible.
A major HR industry figure in a western country has spoken some truth for the record.  Not a pleasant truth, no.  But surely the truth is a good place to start when assessing where it’s all going?  The only thing the chief economist for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development forgot to add to his description of younger people’s job prospects was “…and in the suburbs.”
Youngsters put off work by ‘crap’ jobs, says CIPD: Employers who moan that young people lack the right attitude for jobs should acknowledge that in many cases the roles they offer are “crap” and low paid Telegraph