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(644) Canada’s elites

PolozyJian Ghomeshi gives us a glimpse into the character and psychology of Canada’s elites. Enough to make us shudder.  Now Stephen Poloz adds something to the profile.  Poloz is a $400k-a-year central banker who suggests serfdom to his country’s young people as they face record unemployment.  With these shallow, narcissistic and glib role models oozing an odd admixture of indifference and authoritarianism what are the youth to make of their elders?  The same elders soon to be at the pension counter.

Bank of Canada governor tells jobless youth ‘living in folks’ basements’ to work for free Hamilton Spectator

(622) Neoliberal hooliganism: suburban medieval

fordleafsYoga would seem to have a power to clarify political and moral reality.  Even that turbulent, nasty mess called Rob Ford can be brought into focus and understood if we stretch and relax and remember to breathe well beforehand.  From Matthew Zaremski’s blog we again read sound words on our burger king.

Rob Ford, emotional whiplash, and the suburban medieval

(443) That was some really weird shit this week

Earth From SpaceA ghost ship full of cannibal rats was in the news along with another drunky-face outing by Rob Ford.  The Lyubov Orlova’s rodent crew and Toronto’s mayor helped steel us for comments from Kevin O’Leary about how much he welcomes global poverty for all the entrepreneurship it will unleash.  American rich guy Thomas Perkins then complained into the mediashpere that recent criticism of the one-percent is just like the Holocaust.

What awaits us next week in a world gone truly goofy?

Venture Capitalist Compares ‘Progressive War On 1 Percent’ To Nazi Anti-Semitism
HuffPost Business

image: Earth from space – San Diego Air & Space Museum archives via Wikimedia Commons

(434) Woodgreen poster campaign

Woodgreen Poster CampaignKudos to east Toronto’s WoodGreen Community Services for creating a series of posters designed to educate people about the realities of poverty and social exclusion.  The posters and a video riff on media coverage of celebrities and feature the agency’s clients.  They are also intended to bolster WoodGreen’s campaign to hang onto provincial funding for a program called Homeward Bound that resists homelessness through education and personal resiliency.

What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities? woodgreen.org

Celeb Culture Skewered by Canadian Social Services Campaign