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(673) The $5 day: 101 years later

FordHenry Ford’s $5 day was introduced on January 5th 1914.  The $5 day was a form of shock capitalism that was good for everyone.  Ford sought to reduce labour turnover in his plants and by upping wages he got that and a whole new swathe of the population that could afford to buy the product they were helping manufacture.  The $5 day was controversial for its apparent generosity to workers even though it was rooted in Ford’s sense of selfish self-interest.  Either way, it represented real progress for working people. Yet, a century later in an age of renewed struggle for living wages few seem to remember the $5 day.

This day in labor history: January 5, 1914


(647) The low wage trap [UK report]

resolutionA report from the UK finds low wage workers quite trapped.

Low-paid workers unable to escape poverty trap. Only one in four workers who were low-paid in 2001 managed to move on to higher pay after a decade, says social mobility study

Escape plan: understanding who progresses from low pay and who gets stuck
Resolution Foundation – at their site is a series of papers on pay & social difficulty in the UK

(646) Three Hamiltons talk living wages

HamiltonA town each in Canada, Scotland and New Zealand share the name Hamilton.  On poverty and wages they appear to speak the same language.  Minimum wages are not enough in these places to fully participate in life and keep individuals healthy through proper housing and living conditions.  Those participating in this internet discussion, recorded this afternoon, explain their take on living wages as the preferred approach to pulling people who work out of poverty.

3 Hamiltons meet to discuss their living wage efforts

(621) NDP to call for $15/hr minimum wage

133842208_a71fe95c33_zWhen Parliament resumes the NDP intend to propose a minimum wage law for federal employees designed to bring working people out of poverty.  Great to see a major politician advocating for economic justice.  Especially right after the Tories ratified a nightmare of a trade agreement with China that gives away the shop.

Tom Mulcair says he will propose $15 federal minimum wage. Liberals scrapped the regulation in 1996 cbc.ca

Stephen Harper sells Canada: China can secretly sue to repeal Canadian laws
Boing Boing

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image: Brooke Novak via Flickr/CC