(391) Rob Ford

And so even suburban-poverty.com finds itself disturbed by the churning wake and swathes of debris from the good ship Rob Ford’s high seas distress.  He and his “nation” are not fully under the waves yet but the scrambling and thrashing has begun. The search for explanations as to why an otherwise fairly rational and comparatively … Continue reading (391) Rob Ford

(473) Ford Nation’s backyard employment numbers

Scary employment data for “mayor” Rob Ford’s home turf appeared as a pinkish, downward plunging line today. Ford Nation’s twin namesakes hail politically from suburban Rexdale, up in the northwestern corner of the GTA, which has had something of an employment meltdown since Rob first seized councillorship there in 2000.  Doug Ford became councillor for … Continue reading (473) Ford Nation’s backyard employment numbers

(461) Challenging Ford & his ilk

With corrupt bullies and idiots like Chris Christie and Rob Ford in high office North Americans better get busy understanding these damaging critters.  As bad as this new generation of neoconservative/neoliberal players are they don’t seem to be much restrained, let alone going away any time soon, thanks to the political resistance of a liberal … Continue reading (461) Challenging Ford & his ilk

(392) Explaining Ford

So how do we integrate the blustery politics and crazed gyrations of the Rob Ford era with lived reality and genuine human aspiration on the ground in Toronto?  The amalgamated mega-city of Toronto is, we know, home to suburban poverty.  Has the nation’s largest city become a suburban project with an urban core turned politically … Continue reading (392) Explaining Ford

(216) NEWS FLASH: Ford gored & Toronto floored

Conflict of interest has torpedoed Rob Ford.  Like a vacuum cleaner sucking up a budgie, a Toronto judge today ordered that city’s mayor out of office.  Many observers of life here found that this bicycle-hating mayor, an inarticulate, privileged and robust fellow, previously a councillor for Etobicoke, represented one of the worst possible choices for high office in the … Continue reading (216) NEWS FLASH: Ford gored & Toronto floored

(1195) Basic Income: and How We Can Make It Happen [Book review]

Basic Income: and How We Can Make It Happen Guy Standing, 2017 Penguin Random House UK 374 pages $18.99 CAN paperback Chapter four of this treatise on the social policy mechanism of universal basic income is the sweetest.  There lies the magic of it all.  We know poverty is expensive.  A properly executed basic income … Continue reading (1195) Basic Income: and How We Can Make It Happen [Book review]