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(1307) Good work, Canada!

Some news we can revel in. A retreat in poverty levels in Canada, especially for children, has come about. Considering what it’s like to delve into issues of poverty and social difficulty most of the time it should be hard to find anyone unhappy with this. Credit goes to a revamping of child tax benefits at federal level. This has not been picked up as robustly as we thought it would have but it is so encouraging to see that people can change systems and circumstances. Yes, there is work and research to be done. Nova Scotia seems to have been left out of things for some reason and there have, apparently, been changes made to methodology when it comes to officially counting child poverty which urges some caution. Nontheless, we’ll take it and the politicians on side with this should feel a sense of reward.

Benefits help slash Alberta’s child poverty rate

Liberals bump in child benefits fuels poverty rate drop, Statistics Canada says

image: Nate Borchers via Flickr/CC

(963) Calgary looking up, not out

Calgary construction site
” …the risk, if you don’t produce a more compact form, is bankruptcy. Other North American cities have gotten themselves into hot water by not doing that.”
Those are words from a planning coordinator in Calgary, Alberta.  If they can get their heads around the blessings of smarter, less wasteful development there’s definitely good hope for the rest of Canada.
Calgary looks to incentivize higher-density development

image: Grant Hutchinson via Flickr/CC

(428) Fort McMoney

Vintage Fort McMurrayA great piece from writer-about-places Taras Grescoe’s trip to northern Alberta to see the lifestyle rewards of being a tar sands community.  Suburbia over-the-top and right next door to the world’s largest single industrial project.  Fort McMurray is the best and the worst of the North American way: at sixty-six-and-a-half tonnes of greenhouse gas per capita per year.  Welcome to the last frontier.

Big Mac. Fort McMurray has ambitions to become more than a one-resource town

(409) Edmonton social problems on Twitter

 CherringtonA youth worker in Edmonton, Alberta has taken to social media hoping to show the world what he sees nearly every day.  Some $60,000 has apparently also been raised in support of the at-risk youth population in Edmonton by Mark Cherrington’s Tweets.

Some of his postings are snapshots of troubled lives and so they appear to have begun to generate some controversy.  Images attached to the brief descriptions of the lives he encounters are being interpreted by some onlookers as violations of appropriate social work boundaries.  Decide for yourself:

An unfiltered snapshot of Canadian poverty on Twitter.  Edmonton youth worker hopes to expose issues faced by young people on the streets
Al Jazeera

Mark Cherrington  on Twitter