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(437) De-suburbanizing Phoenix (and other places)

Phoenix AZ from spaceAwesomely poetic.  Taken from a recent item on Gizmodo – one observer’s description of a place where a sprawl repair has gotten underway.  The idea is to diversify and cross-connect places that were once in an isolation no longer seen as splendid.  This piece links through to another for Phoenix on Marketplace.

How Do We De-Suburbanize the Suburbs?

Can Phoenix un-suburbanize? Marketplace

image: Phoenix, AZ from space in 2013 by NASA via Wikimedia Commons

(176) Good for Greg!

We mean that headline without any sarcasm.  None at all.  Who would but admire the current mayor of Phoenix, Arizona for trying to feed himself on barely thirty bucks for a week?  That’s the food stamp budget for a single person.  Out of a population of six and a half million just over one million Arizonans are in poverty and using food stamps.  Mayor Greg Stanton recorded the experience on a Facebook page and, as you might expect, it wasn’t easy.  But you know what?  A mayor should show solidarity with his people, especially those in hard times.  That is what Mr. Stanton is trying to do.  Good for him.  There are some interesting links in this piece if you are curious about the US food stamp program.  The program is actually in serious jeopardy as deals cut between Obama and the Republicans will strike at keystone social programs in January.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Lives On Food Stamp Budget For A Week
Huffington Post

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