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(1135) Cycling along the poverty line

This is a moving feature on the role a bicycle can play for lower income folks living in the sprawl.  Los Angeles is the place but we know for a fact lives like this are found in Canadian communities as well.
How low income cyclists go unnoticed. There really is a world where people pedal to work, use bikes for everyday transportation and by riding, form close communities of friends and neighbors – and it exists right in your town
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(876) High shift

2228178333_c938e01635_oTwenty-four trillion US dollars.  An exciting new report finds that would be the money saved between now and 2050 if the world got itself seriously onto bikes.  We’d have a stronger shot at actually managing air pollution and climate change.  We’d be a lot fitter, too.

Wouldn’t it be a quieter world?  And a more fun one?  Is this about massive realignment in basically all human living arrangements?  You bet it is.  Massive change is coming either way.

The report is from UC Davis and the Institute for Transport and Development Policy (42-page .pdf file)

A global high shift cycling scenario. The potential for dramatically increasing bicycle and e-bike use in cities around the world, with estimated energy, CO2, and cost impacts

Or we could just demand our entitlement to fossil fuels and internal combustion whatever the cost and outcomes.

The high price of cheap gas

(726) Time to try something different

6040480574_ea6feb4846_zTime and money in the 905: it’s amazing the stranglehold car commuting puts on us.  In Brampton, a family is trying to work  around the weighty inevitability of it all.  Coincidentally, the Toronto Star looked at their efforts right at the time of the Toronto International Auto Show, a major fest of cool cars and long payment plans.

Car-less in the 905. One family’s quest for automotive freedom. A Brampton family dares to exercise its options and trade two cars for more time together

Nobody is saying the car economy is exactly over.  Just that change is coming and change is possible…

6 reasons why cargo bikes are the next big thing

Realize, you may not always get a thank you note along the way…

My life as an, um, activist

One dad’s Twitter photo essay on his daughter’s perilous walk to school

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(668) Shared mobility

Bike 4 4Lots of mixed feelings and mixed results in the so-called sharing economy when it comes to getting around.  Uber and Lyft seem to be making as many enemies as friends.  Bike share programs thrive one minute and decline the next.  What to do when getting around is such a big piece of being employable.

How can shared mobility help connect low-income people to opportunity?

image: “tandem bike for four” via US Library of Congress/Wikimedia