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(963) Calgary looking up, not out

Calgary construction site
” …the risk, if you don’t produce a more compact form, is bankruptcy. Other North American cities have gotten themselves into hot water by not doing that.”
Those are words from a planning coordinator in Calgary, Alberta.  If they can get their heads around the blessings of smarter, less wasteful development there’s definitely good hope for the rest of Canada.
Calgary looks to incentivize higher-density development

image: Grant Hutchinson via Flickr/CC

(383) Growing things is part of the answer

Food BasketIdeas raised in response to suburban poverty must be not only bold, timely, innovative, sustainable, and out-of-the-box, they also must taste good.  Here are two links to people growing things where you might not expect that to be happening.  Hope your Canadian Thanksgiving was plentiful and pleasant.

Jane-finch farm rakes in first harvest

Grow Calgary

image: liz west via Wikimedia Commons

(187) Calgary

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend comes upon us and we do find plenty to be thankful for.  The country remains blessed and peaceful.  All the more reason to question the kind of poverty found even where the banks are apparently sensible and the tar sands melt into money.  There is always a flip side to a resources boom, always.  Vibrant Communities Calgary, a non-profit agency addressing poverty, details the nature of the problem in a blog and through other resources and intiatives in areas from wages to free transit on election days.

Supporting municipal policies in poverty reduction