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(990) Mississauga LRT

Mississauga before
We first heard about the Mississauga LRT in the early 1990s.  On the verge of becoming a reality, the positivity around the LRT is truly welcome.  Now, we maybe would have dropped this kind of infrastructure into the landscape, along with a grid of cycle paths, maybe before putting down a zillion dollars worth of real estate development.  Guess things just aren’t really done that way here?  Along with improved GO service and a major east-west busway the depressing diesel horrors of grinding around Mississauga 80s-style should be banished to the past.  Stand by for enthusiasm…
LRT will completely transform Mississauga

image: unknown photographer via Brad O’Brien – Flickr/CC

(988) Income & advanced education [Study]

This month the Centre for the Study of Living Standards issued a new report all about income gaps, inequality, job quality and other such things that determine much of daily life in Canada.   Among the findings: what looks like a slackening of the connection between advanced education and higher income.  Canada’s lowest income brackets have seen an increase in the number of PhD holders therein.  This may be evidence of something many of us have observed casually over the years?  More study is needed to understand the depth and meaning of these particular findings but if they are true this isn’t really good news.   We are supposed to be living and working in a society that needs and respects education and rewards strivers.  Maybe that proposition has changed?

Low-wage earners with graduate degrees on rise, new study shows

Trends in low wage employment in Canada: incidence, gap, intensity 1997-2014 66-page .pdf file

(986) Canadian rent squeeze

renter issues
Journalist Frances Bula starts a summer-long Globe and Mail series on renter’s issues.  In terms of cost alone renting has become a horror show for many Canadians.  This could be such a rich topic for media outlets of almost any size and format.  I mean, we are talking about a form of second-class citizenship in one of the richest countries in the world.

No Vacancy: high rents and low vacancy are squeezing renters in Canada’s largest cities

Will the housing crisis finally make someone pay attention to renter issues?

image: Curly via Flickr/CC

(983) Unaffordable

If major cities are to be money mills for real estate investors – especially overseas ones – affordable housing for working people needs to be considered necessary infrastructure and supported appropriately.
Burnaby’s low-income residents face evictions amid development boom
Race and real estate. How hot Chinese money is making Vancouver unliveable

image: Nick Kenrick via Flickr/CC

(975) 1980s social housing [Excerpt from Subdivided]

socialhusingTruth for smug Canadians via moments of return from writer Jay Pitter as she walks the Toronto social housing complex she lived in during the 1980s.  Excerpted from Subdivided, City-Building In An Age of Hyperdiversity, a new release from Coach House Press.
A visit to the social housing community of my childhood

(974) Way too long for too little: complex & expensive trips to work [Study]

long commutes for workersPublic transit and housing in the GTA are still configured for regular jobs.  If you are a precarious worker of odd hours compelled to live where you can afford to live, as opposed to where the employment is, things get awkward.
Study highlights link between precarious work and ‘miserable’ commutes.To travel from Brampton to nearby Pearson airport, Aretha Reid sometimes leaves at 10:30 pm in order to make a shift that starts at 2 am

(972) OW poverty gap 200% bigger since 1993 [CCPA report]

Recipients of Ontario Works, what used to be called simply welfare (i.e. the dole), are deeper in poverty by a staggering proportion.  That’s the primary finding of a recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.  That is absolutely crazy, and it calls – as it seems do so many things we learn about at suburban-poverty.com – for a basic income guarantee.
Ontario’s social assistance poverty gap
(with link to 20-page .pdf file)