(744) Second hand index

thriftEveryone settles into a relationship with the thrift shops.  Maybe its just for a book or two a year and not necessarily for a course in how to make work socks from the sleeves of 80s sweaters but sooner or later we acknowledge the thrifts.  EBay and Etsy, too.  Canadians commend themselves when they recycle a thing, however small.  Second hand is all around us and seems to be a true growth industry offering entertainment and a sense of discovery along with hard goods. Those in social difficulty have been ahead of the better off on this file basically forever.  At first we thought a formal economic index for thrift, an S&P 100 for Canada’s junk shops and vintage clothing might be a bit much but we’re finding it impossible not to acknowledge value in this offering from online reselling powerhouse Kijiji.

The Kijiji second-hand economy index: 2015 report
38-page .pdf file

image: S Jones via Flickr/CC

(737) Mississauga grows in new directions

reeferWhat typifies a soft summer night in Mississauga more than that smoky, woody smell from over the fence around your neighbour’s deck; or wafting from that old Civic idling in the cul-de-sac there; or drifts up from the park behind the school or the balcony of that luxury condo?

Mississauga, the city that grows its own: Hume