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(842) Canadian austerity

5460464558_48261bf6c1_zFor the Conservatives, this federal election is looking messy.  They may come up in the polls as time goes on but expect the economy to give the Cons serious migraines all the way.  Don’t blame all of Canada’s economic woes on Tory neoconservative policy or the price of oil, though.  No, the irrational pursuit of austerity was a major Liberal project as well.  A piece in this week’s issue of The Tyee reminds of austerity’s bipartisan history.

Canada’s harsh ‘austerity’ policies started with Liberals. Don’t make Harper the face of slashed supports for workers. It’s a two-decade tradition

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(839) Name a single medal winner

19938184281_e2a2f868c3_zThe Pan Am and Para Pan Am games are over.  Can you name a single medal winner in any event?  Apparently, these games were so completely stunning, so totally awesome that Toronto now must have the 2024 Olympics.

David Hains at Torontoist.com looked at the massive wad of cash that would be incinerated to host such an event and came up with a lovely laundry list of other uses.  Condos for homeless people with cash to spare, transit infrastructure, libraries,  flood protection, a downtown relief line.  The latter is a subway project for the core that has been on the books for decades.  As neoliberal spectacle it is hard to beat these elite running and jumping festivals, but, compared to the items on the list found at the link below, they are devoid of substance.

What could you buy with an Olympic-sized cheque? We go on a city building Supermarket Sweep using the estimated money the Toronto Olympics would cost

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(838) Globe on “hacking” housing crisis in Van

8393677938_77c6bd92ff_zJust like the Chicago Tribune’s recent editorial error in judgement Canada’s largest circulation newspaper, or is it second largest, we don’t remember exactly and in a dying industry does it matter who is first, shows us how to make a really fantastic contribution to the discussion one of the most pressing public issues of the day.

The Globe and Mail suggests ‘hacking’ Vancouver housing crisis by living in your car

If you go down this road here are some pointers:
(103) A man’s home is his castle …and frequently also his shitbox!

Hey Globe and Mail, look who was on this, like, six hundred postings ago…
(262) Living in a van in Van

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(836) Health

16759082139_f9de42e57e_zOntario physicians, one hundred and seventy eight of them, have signed a letter urging the government of the province to give us a guaranteed minimum income.  These physicians have seen that they cannot cure poverty.

A basic income guarantee may be the best medicine

Next, a personal essay on the nature of being seriously ill which reads strongly alongside the idea of exerting ourselves as a society on behalf of human health.

An open letter to healthy people from a former healthy person

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(833) Ontario temp agency blitz

Lightning_animation_-_NOAAWhat’s with us as a society always “blitzing” things like basement apartment standards, restaurant cleanliness or the mechanical safety of taxi cabs or the behaviour of temp agencies?  Why can’t these things be subject to a reliable, fair and continuous level of inspection to keep everything cool?  Is that such a stupid question to ask, Ontario?

Province-wide blitz shows majority of temp agencies on wrong side of the law. Former temp agency worker Ben Corpuz says more needs to be done to protect vulnerable employees

image: NOAA via Wikimedia Commons/CC

(831) Vancouver dilemma

thubyVancouver sometimes seems to have taken such an awful turn into economic weirdness it is hard to know what to do with it.  Transit hubs and higher densities are supposed to be helpful things, markers of adaptation.  In Vancouver’s real estate-driven reality they are causing harm.

Cheap rentals near transit hubs face wave of demolition. 
Metro Van density plans invite wrecking ball to three lower-income neighbourhoods