(517) Dear TFWP, It’s been great but…

CanadaOkay, time someone wrote the Temporary Foreign Worker Program a Dear John letter.

PBO: Temporary Foreign Worker Program May Be Taking 1/4 Of New Jobs

McDonald’s foreign workers call it ‘slavery’  Belizian temporary foreign workers docked pay for rent in corporate apartment
cbc.ca/news – see videos

The values and vulnerabilities of Canada’s temporary foreign workers program
Yahoo! News Canada

image: Free Homes in Canada: the Land of Plenty. 1903. University of Saskatchewan Library Special Collections, Shortt Library of Canadiana.

(516) Ontario gender pay inequality [CCPA report]

Ontario gender pay gapWe liked the solutions section of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report into Ontario’s rising gender pay gap.  It made us feel better that there are things that can be done about this issue.

A growing concern. Ontario’s gender pay gap
36-page .pdf file

A number is never just a number. Equal Pay Day facts rabble.ca

(513) At Home/Chez Soi success against homelessness

Housing and mental healthCanada’s Mental Health Commission has bolstered our understanding of how to mitigate a serious social difficulty.  Excellent.  Money well spent it seems on a program designed to get those with mental illness into good, supportive housing as quickly as possible.  In Canada the system has tended to treat or control mental illness first and house later.  Early results indicate a hopeful direction but the media coverage of this could positive story should have been stronger in our opinion.

Mental Health Commission of Canada unveils major study on homelessness reduction metronews.ca

Housing and homelessness 
mentalhealthcommission.ca – this page features a number of topic-related documents

(511) OCFP primary care interventions into poverty

Poverty MonsterPotentially powerful stuff from the Ontario College of Family Physicians: a tool for approaching poverty like any other health-wrecking phenomenon such as smoking or an infectious microorganism.  Only neoplasms (tumours) take away more person years of life here than poverty does.  Let’s hope this resource is widely adopted and reinforces a cultural change in the way we consider poverty and health.

Poverty Intervention Resources ocfp.on.ca

image: CBS Television via Wikimedia Commons

(502) Business ed and your overqualified future

Dorian-ElectraIf you’ve spent any time near Canadian universities since the late 1980s you’ll have noticed how so many of them have come to host major business schools.  Business education has also spread to the community colleges in a big way, too.  That makes careful consideration of a new report from Statistics Canada well advised.  It appears that business education is pretty commonplace among younger workers having difficulty with employment.  That’s gotta be a sore proposition.  All that faith in markets and money …and then no job.  All those seats in classes in fancy business schools and all that tuition …and then some crap job.

Overqualification among recent university graduates in Canada
Statistics Canada – Insights on Canadian Society, April 2014. 13-page .pdf file.
See Table 3 on page 8 in particular.

image: artist Dorian Electra at the chalkboard via Wikimedia Commons

(501) Every private asset in New Brunswick…

NBCanada’s richest 86 people have enough moolah to buy all the stuff in New Brunswick. All the cars, iPods, boxer shorts, hair dryers, pension funds, antique tractors, light planes, houses, bikes, miniskirts and everything else that equips an entire province is what we are talking about.  All that material wealth would be required to match the wherewithal of less than 100 people.  Incredible!  During World War II Canada had about twelve million people: nearly the same number of lower income earners you need to match the wealth of this privileged 86 today.  It’s almost as if Canada has become a giant machine for making rich people richer.

If this wild wealth ratio isn’t sinking in try this infographic from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s Twitter feed.

Outrageous fortune: Canada’s wealth gap

image: detail of New Brunswick’s flag via Wikimedia Commons