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(963) Calgary looking up, not out

Calgary construction site
” …the risk, if you don’t produce a more compact form, is bankruptcy. Other North American cities have gotten themselves into hot water by not doing that.”
Those are words from a planning coordinator in Calgary, Alberta.  If they can get their heads around the blessings of smarter, less wasteful development there’s definitely good hope for the rest of Canada.
Calgary looks to incentivize higher-density development

image: Grant Hutchinson via Flickr/CC

(962) BIG builds muscle

musclepersonsWhen this blog began in 2011 the idea of a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) was still kinda out there.  Not any more.
Here is a good feature article designed to convey a sense of recent momentum from a UK perspective:
Should we scrap benefits and give everyone 100 a week? The idea of a universal basic income is about to leap from the margins to the mainstream, bringing promises of a happier and healthier population
Canadian writer Anemone Cerridwen writes regarding the potential benefits to women of a BIG:
A basic income guarantee is both feasible and feminist

(954) Developer cash in Ontario elections questioned [Campaign Fairness report]

If its brokeThe very week of the inspiring Panama Papers finds our own sprawling backyards revealed to also be the setting for dodgy financial relationships.  How’s this for a great title: If It’s Broke, Fix It: a Report on the Money in Municipal Campaign Finances of 2014 (link here to 14-page .pdf file).
Developer donations influence local election outcomes, study finds. Reforms to the Municipal Elections Act expected to be announced Monday could let municipalities ban corporate donations

(947) Excuse me kind sir, WFPIT?

aaaaaaarobfordTime for a new text messaging acronym, yah?
How about WFPIT?
What Fucking Planet Is This?
A certain amount of emotionalism and a whole lot of media drivel was to be expected from the passing of Rob Ford.  Indeed, we have that, layered as it should be, over an acknowledgment that his family’s (ongoing) pain is quite real.  Even for us reading the media output after the big man’s passing from cancer has been pretty awful stuff.   The combination of North America’s aspirational culture with the political illiteracy of the masses offers us one of its most  disturbing manifestations in the career of Rob Ford.
We like these three items because they offer considered perspectives on Ford and Ford Nation.
Rob Ford, 1969-2016: a legacy he never intended
Andray Domise: the Rob Ford legacy that many refuse to confront
An honest assessment of Rob Ford’s legacy. Rob Ford’s impact on the city includes harm inflicted on some of the city’s most marginalized residents, and a worsened political discourse. We shouldn’t forget this
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