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(796) Ontario sees 94% increase in low wage working population [CCPA Report]

4129777039_7c45cca11b_zIn a word: brutal.

Ontario’s ‘eye-popping’ shift to low-wage work. “You feel like you’re a dime a dozen,” says single mom Jodi Dean, echoing others whose precarious work lives are reviewed in a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

A higher standard
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  30-page .pdf file

image: Nicole Hanusek via Flickr/CC

(786) Precarity series

9299493215_38b8ffea03_zSome important reading in the Toronto Star in the form of a four-part series on precarious employment.  The coverage was prompted in part by Ontario’s review of the Employment Standards Act.

Ontario employers get slap on wrist for mistreating employees. Nine months of stress and anguish as the bills piled up, all to get the wages she was entitled to by law. Scarborough resident Sylvia Buchanan’s assessment of the system meant to protect her? “It was horrible.”  Last in a four-part series

image: Fred Seibert via Flickr/CC