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(926) Affordable Internet

digital divideThe Internet is pretty much now a necessity, especially when it comes to looking for a job or studying.  ACORN Canada calls for a national affordable Internet policy in a new report so that low income Canadians won’t be left out of the advantages of connectivity.
Internet for all: Internet use and accessibility for low-income Canadians
16-page .pdf file
Anti-poverty advocates call for affordable Internet. The high cost of home Internet services is taking a bite out of food budgets for low-income Canadians, new survey shows

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(921) Goodwill closure

thriftCash flow problems? Well, we can’t say we like the closure of Goodwill stores in Ontario.  And what of the presence of a high pay and high profile manager while this flop occurred?  The stores and their associated services play a role for those in social difficulty here.  But only when they are open.

Goodwill workers blast charity’s CEO over closures. Workers frustrated and furious at the abrupt closure of 16 Goodwill stores, 10 donation centres and two offices
thestar.com (video 00:57)

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(917) Hey worker! Make my day awesome

awesomeWords about the sharing economy from a San Francisco film maker and blogger.  Look out, Canada, the ‘come here and go away’ economy is around the corner!
Apploitation in a city of instaserfs. How the “sharing economy” has turned San Francisco into a dystopia for the working class
editor’s note: seriously, one of our best reads in a while…

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(915) Apres 1976: generational lockdown

UBCAt what point does a society consciously decide to move off of a real estate bubble?  Can we even think of doing so?  Recent data from a University of British Columbia professor reveals the standpoint of Canada’s youth in regard to the “benefits” of home ownership.  A sample: it would take 23 years for a young person in Vancouver to save the downpayment on a typical mortgage from a typical wage.
Young people have it tougher than parents: UBC prof
bc.ctvnews.ca (video 1:40)

(913) Ontario: industry & precarity

Highway 401Ontario is still a busy province that makes a lot of stuff.  Drive along Highway 401 and you will see huge numbers of every type of truck carrying every kind of load you can possibly imagine.  Yet, for working people things are different somehow.  Having a job just isn’t what it was.
This is why workers are fed up with Ontario’s precarious, low-wage economy pressprogress.com

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