(660) Arrival

welcome to canadaDoug Saunders, in Saturday’s Globe and Mail, pretty much nails it.

“…immigration and poverty are both now almost entirely suburban phenomena. And the suburbs aren’t as well suited to be the bottom rung on the ladder: they lack the population density, access to consumers, rapid transportation and small-business opportunities of the old arrival cities.”

Time to repopulate Canada’s arrival cities

(659) Four child poverty charts

child povertyA major indicator for child poverty is the number of charts made to describe it.  Twenty-five years ago then NDP leader Ed Broadbent introduced a motion in Canada’s parliament to end child poverty.  It passed unanimously.  Right now, child poverty is up in Canada.  Where did we go wrong?  The economy is bigger than ever though we’ve had a stupid war or two and lots of neoconservatism since 1989.  Here’s four more charts for us to ponder.

Child poverty is up in Canada even after vowing in 1989 to end it

Mr. Broadbent in 1989: