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(1036) Permanent crisis

We’d like to think a housing crisis is a remediable technical matter with objective solutions (not just market technical solutions, either).  Is that so unreasonable in a country as well off as Canada?  Probably, yeah.  Therefore, much to commend itself on this topic in this from-the-left essay on Jacobin.

The permanent crisis of housing. Under capitalism, housing is never secure for the workers

image: Jes via Flickr/CC

(69) 147 corporations run the world

All these years we’ve had a funny little feeling about just what’s behind some of the crazy shit we’ve seen propping up in the global economy.  Now, from, of all places, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich comes an answer.  The 147 do not form a fully coscious collusion but this is something to be concerned about regardless of the economic dogma you adhere to.

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world New Scientist