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(976) Lunch data indicating child poverty in Cincinnati, OH

From our unscientific standpoint scanning the Internet  for items on suburban poverty, it looks as if US headlines like this one have tailed off a little.  That doesn’t mean the reality is any better, though.  Well into a federal election poverty is taking a distant backseat to such nonsense as Donald “Crazy Man” Trump’s proposal for a wall on the Mexican-US border or Hillary “It’s My Turn” Clinton’s email server impropriety.

This is a crisis: suburban poverty growing, school lunch data shows

(270) Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio has taken its share of hits in the Great Recession.  One of the strategies businesses there have been taking to is moving lower paying jobs to the suburbs.  There’s more flexibility out there for leasing property, parking is cheap or free and the payroll taxes can be lower.  More prestigious, higher-paying jobs are staying downtown.

Downtown loses jobs, suburbs gaining. Recession amplified national trend: It’s often cheaper, more practical to move lower-paying jobs to the burbs

image: Rdikeman via Wikimedia Commons