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(997) Helicopter money: an open letter from economists

helicopterHelicopter money sounds like just plain fun after decades of neoconservative misery.  A glib prescription for monetary policy from a senior economist made years ago: toss money out of helicopters over major cities to stimulate the economy.  He was only partly kidding.  It’s a more fun name for basic income.
Cash handouts are best way to boost growth, say economists. In letter to the Guardian, 35 economists state that providing money directly to households would be most effective policy

(842) Canadian austerity

5460464558_48261bf6c1_zFor the Conservatives, this federal election is looking messy.  They may come up in the polls as time goes on but expect the economy to give the Cons serious migraines all the way.  Don’t blame all of Canada’s economic woes on Tory neoconservative policy or the price of oil, though.  No, the irrational pursuit of austerity was a major Liberal project as well.  A piece in this week’s issue of The Tyee reminds of austerity’s bipartisan history.

Canada’s harsh ‘austerity’ policies started with Liberals. Don’t make Harper the face of slashed supports for workers. It’s a two-decade tradition

image: Jennifer Kirkland via Flickr/CC

(690) Solidarity economics & goats: two sensible approaches

solidarityWe enjoyed learning about the solidarity economy this afternoon via a piece in Dissent.  Such an economy involves working to give rather than take.  The inspiration for the localized, cooperative spirit in this approach to commerce comes from diverse sources, including Quebec, and resonates with a down-to-earth good sense.  Seems to be working for Reading, Pennsylvania.

Solidarity, PA

dwarf goatAnother possible path, besides continuing with the usual economic madness, can be found in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Why a Denver suburb has gone all-in for farming. Want to start an urban farm without permitting hassles? Dreaming of dwarf goats in your yard? Move to Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The entire editorial staff at suburban-poverty.com would like to go away from Mississauga and live somewhere that has both solidarity and goats.  But then, we would, wouldn’t we?  The point is to search for and enact alternatives.

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(689) A is for austerity

austerityOh Canada! Here’s two items for your austerity file. The first is about the country’s corporate cash hoard, said to be $626 billion dollars.  That’s money not destined for wages or other constructive uses.  The second is about life at the bottom.  We can hardly pretend for long these are totally separate realities.

Austerity or prosperity? Canada’s $626 Billion Question. That’s what corporations hoard while Tories refuse to stimulate jobs

Austerity and homelessness kill in Canadian winter.  Interview with John Clarke from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

image: Internet Archive scanned book project