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(1276) Costly commutes for Finns

Interesting in a not-very-nice way: Finns discover their relationship to the national poverty line can be directly related to their transportation options.  The further from work the lower the income.  With its winter weather and not dissimilar economy Canadians might like to note the ongoing work cited in this article.  As in Toronto and Atlanta, so in Helsinki?
Finns falling below poverty line due to transport costs
image: Jeff E. via Flickr/CC

(893) Basic income approval [RSA study]

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Just as the joyful task of processing Finland’s basic income undertaking lifts off we encounter another endorphin-boosting  news item on that very topic.

This one is from the UK, where things have been anything but progressive for a stupidly long time now.  The Royal Society for Arts has released an initiative in support of a universal minimum income.  The RSA is calling for about CAN$7500 per year with more for households that have young children.

Prestigious British think tank endorses basic income
Basic Income Earth Network (video 1:42)

image: CGP Grey via Flickr/CC

(584) Helsinki transported

HelsinkiWe’re pretty well speechless with amazement reading of Helsinki’s plans to lift itself beyond conventional approaches to mobility.  By 2030 car ownership will be pointless there.  The suburbs and inner districts of Helsinki are to become a venue for a comprehensive matrix of travel options accessed by electronic devices.  Smart apps will link car sharing, rental bicycles, mini buses, water craft, and taxis to those needing to get around.  The extent of this planned system is such that its users will find it competitive in time and cost with ownership of a private car.  Wow!  Ambitious.  Imagine if low income people in North America’s sprawl could get access to this kind of mobility.

Helsinki’s ambitious plan to make car ownership pointless in 10 years. Finland’s capital hopes a ‘mobility on demand’ system that integrates all forms of shared and public transport in a single payment network could essentially render private cars obsolete theguardian.com

image: Helsinki’s main train station via Wikimedia Commons