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(521) First Nations life expectancy in Toronto [Report]

Anishnabe EagleWords falter, if not fail, at the reading of a report into life expectancy for First Nations people in Toronto.  A little over forty years for women and little under forty years for men.  That’s an average of thirty-seven years based on a study of about one hundred premature deaths in a two-year period.  Typical life expectancy for a non-native Torontonian?  Seventy-five years.

Early death among members of Toronto’s aboriginal community: walking in their shoes
Anishnawbe Health Toronto – 26-page .pdf file

(460) Rethinking the line

DetailThe ever-interesting Canadian magazine Spacing  published a two-part personal essay this month in which a city planner describes the way First Nations arts and thinking came to inform her practice.  In particular, the fusion of contemporary western art with Ojibwe tradition embodied in the work of painter Norval Morrisseau helped Lacey McRae Williams articulate her intentions for community design as inclusive and respectful of the natural world. 

Looking to Norval Morrisseau’s art to indigenize Canadian city planning
(Part I) (Part II)

(35) Ottawa’s First Nations

Some new data has become available about First Nations in Ottawa.  The population is growing but becoming more spread out.  Newly arriving First Nations persons are also moving directly to suburban Ottawa in a number of cases.  The sterotype of aboriginal poverty in the centres of Canadian cities (and on reserves) might appear to be changing if this demographic development were to be looked at further.  Unfortunately, the article indicates that there is still hardship for Ottawa’s First Nations outside of the more established neighbourhoods they have lived in there.
5 things to know about Ottawa’s aboriginal community CBC