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(1312) Vegas in the frying pan

Just as the season begins to turn, though more these days that turning is about the relentless churning of some Category 5 hurricane than the expected memory of back-to-school rituals and soul-soothing autumn colours, advance word comes from Las Vegas of hot futures. The premier example of unsustainable sprawl in North America is now finding out what it is like to be on the public health front line of climate change. What else is it but a public health disaster if you cannot go outside? What if you are kinda stuck outside? How does this quotation grab you from an item in today’s Guardian? ”… homeless people with post-mortem burns from collapsing on hot streets.”

The hellish future of Las Vegas. A place where we never go outside

(147) …stays in Vegas

Ever on the lookout for clues as to where the suburban project is going we were struck by a recent finding about social conditions in Las Vegas.  The frenetic growth and artificiality of Vegas is something to behold.  Beneath the doom tales of foreclosure and searing drought, beneath the flashing lights and smarm we find human beings adapting to the place they must live.  Las Vegans, no less than the citizens of any other built-yesterday Nirvana, still get up in the moring and make it work as best they can.  In one area, the Las Vegans appear to have pulled ahead of other communities: the number of single fathers raising children.  The general sleaze and the 24-hour “service” economy of the desert gambling paradise seems to be kinda tough on moms.

Why ‘Sin City” has so many single fathers BBC News Altered States
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(66) Las Vegas

Worrisome reading about Las Vegas, Nevada and poverty.  Probably the ultimate in suburban statements in its day, one has to wonder what kind of future this desert city has.  A near total dependency on motor vehicles, air conditioning and water from far away makes for some hair-raising possible futures.  Does it seem like the economy there is recovering in any way?  Will real estate values go up again?  Is it a matter of just waiting around for the next real estate boom?

Behind Las Vegas glitz and glamour: a dark city marred by poverty Guardian UK