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(301) Ho$pital parking

hospital parkingCBC’s Marketplace program reports that a survey of more than a thousand Canadians indicated that the cost of parking a motor vehicle at a hospital adds stress and cost to being sick.  If you have any kind of experience of chronic illness requiring multiple visits to the hospital you’ll know how the cost of parking is quickly added to the logistics for patients, visitors, family, volunteers.  Twenty dollars for parking is not unusual at big hopsitals hungry for revenue.  Medical professionals suggest parking costs are a tax, which raises moral issues.  In barely a week over 1500 comments appeared on the cbc.ca page for the segment!  Other news outlets have picked up this story, and acknowledge its emotional dimension.

Marketplace’s cameras went to Mississauga’s Credit Valley Hospital where we see walkers wiping out on ice while approaching a hospital that would charge them $16 or more for a visit.  Another woman drops her kids off first and then parks at a nearby mall and walks over.

Hospital parking rates a ‘tax’ on sick Canadians

Hospital parking pain Marketplace 22:16

(48) Get me to a hospital!

America has think tanks.  It would be tough to count just how many there are.  Luckily, at least one or two are getting their collective brain power around suburban poverty.  This posting links to a research brief from the Center for Studying Health Care Change.  The brief looks at health care data for poorer suburban populations in Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Miami, and Seattle.  It seems these populations rely on visits to hospital emergency departments and face barriers to service including transportation.  Many suburban poor it seems also travel to hospitals in older core areas that face this demand for service on top of local, urban demands.  This document adds thoughtful detail to what suburban poverty means in the United States.
Suburban poverty and the health care safety net