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(1310) Living wages vs the wages of death

No matter how fractured our collective political lives become most of us would still tend to agree that preventing premature death by any cause is a good idea. Recent data from the United States should therefore interest all of us, regardless of how entrenched in total ideology or total indifference.

Want to decrease suicide? Raise the minimum wage, researchers suggest

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(880) US minimum thanksgiving

tgivingWe love maps at suburban-poverty.com.  And we have a soft spot for minimum wage workers.  Then on top of that we know our way around a turkey dinner, even if we eat ours early – on Canadian Thanksgiving – which was, like, weeks ago.  Anyway, the map with this article shows you how much toil a minimum wage earner has to take on to produce a turkey dinner by state.  Six to seven hours.  Probably not far off what you’d have to do for the same meal in Canada.

How hard is thanksgiving dinner on minimum wage?
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(636) Minimum wage hike not a job killer [CCPA report]

News of an awesome nature
– for business and labour – today in a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.  Something we can all take to the coffee shop.

Minimum wage hike does not kill jobs

Dispelling Minimum Wage Mythology. The Minimum Wage and the Impact on Jobs in Canada, 1983–2012
CCPA site – 26-page .pdf file

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(621) NDP to call for $15/hr minimum wage

133842208_a71fe95c33_zWhen Parliament resumes the NDP intend to propose a minimum wage law for federal employees designed to bring working people out of poverty.  Great to see a major politician advocating for economic justice.  Especially right after the Tories ratified a nightmare of a trade agreement with China that gives away the shop.

Tom Mulcair says he will propose $15 federal minimum wage. Liberals scrapped the regulation in 1996 cbc.ca

Stephen Harper sells Canada: China can secretly sue to repeal Canadian laws
Boing Boing

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