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(605) Ferguson

Ferguson-missouri-350x282Last week mass media made the connection between suburban poverty and the ongoing disturbances in Ferguson, MO.  Hopefully this deepens the discussion.

Brookings Institution’s Elizabeth Kneebone wrote a piece on Ferguson which seems to have provided background to much of the coverage.
Ferguson, MO, emblematic of growing suburban poverty

We liked Karim Abdul Jabbar’s words on the matter as well:
The coming race war won’t be about race: Ferguson is not just about systemic racism — it’s about class warfare and how America’s poor are held back

Looking around Ferguson on Google Street View reveals it to be an unremarkable place.  It’s arterial roads are lined with fairly typical American roadside fare: muffler shops, bars, shopping plazas convenience stores.  Not a lot of people walking or enoying outdoor community life.  Plenty of motor vehicles and places to park them.  The aesthetics are practical at best, a little shop worn.  It’s hard to imagine anybody feeling real love for Ferguson.  Going forward that may have to be acknowledged as a major part of what is wrong with how Americans go about building and inhabiting communities.

(287) Museum of Suburbia

toasterHow pleasantly ironic that something deeply identified with modernity can find itself now the subject of eligibility for conservation in a museum.  The Wall Street Journal reports the intention of including a toaster among the exhibits…

Suburban Kansas Dream: Museum of Suburbia. Plan for Exhibits on Bowling, Lawn Furniture Inspires Neighborhood Spat; Faux Fence

National Museum of Suburbia
Arts Council of Johnson County

image: Serge Melki via Wikimedia Commons