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(646) Three Hamiltons talk living wages

HamiltonA town each in Canada, Scotland and New Zealand share the name Hamilton.  On poverty and wages they appear to speak the same language.  Minimum wages are not enough in these places to fully participate in life and keep individuals healthy through proper housing and living conditions.  Those participating in this internet discussion, recorded this afternoon, explain their take on living wages as the preferred approach to pulling people who work out of poverty.

3 Hamiltons meet to discuss their living wage efforts

(612) New Zealand study on benefits of cycling infrastructure

14591109237_6d5aa277cd_zAnd because it is a long weekend here’s more bonus material supporting the idea that bikes are good community economics.

The cities that spend the most on bike lanes later reap the most reward. Investing in a network of fully separated bike lanes could save cities huge sums in the long-term. But too little investment in wimpy infrastructure could actually decrease enthusiasm for cycling
Fast Company

image: Internet Archive scanned book image via Flickr

(455) Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch NZ 1970sNew Zealand architect Julia Suh contemplates suburban futures for her town Christchurch on thisbigcity.net.  The problems and opportunities of suburban development familiar to North Americans are found there alongside a serious complication visited by nature upon New Zealand’s second largest city. Severe earthquake damage to the central city is helping shape Christchurch.

Three years ago this month nearly two hundred people were killed in what has been acknowledged to be one of the most expensive earthquakes ever to occur.  Some nine hundred buildings have been slated for demolition after failing post-quake safety inspections; some indication of the level of damage and importance of doing things well in the years to come.

The Rise of the suburbs: what will become the future of city-living in Christchurch?