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(875) Oshawa tenants take action

Cockroach_p-428Tenants associations can be considered to be a bit like labour unions.  They used to be everywhere and everyone was a member of one – or otherwise benefited from their presence.  Then one day we awoke to find they had slipped off the radar.

Expect more of this kind of thing from the Shwa dear readers as we realize their is a little more to having a civilization than a monster real estate bubble.

What is worse than a slum landlord?

Oshawa tenants organize for repairs to neglected, crime-ridden building. Tenants’ associations come slowly to suburbia, where renters’ complaints can echo those in Toronto


(874) Star looks in on child poverty program in Oshawa

OshawaA car building town that builds a lot less of them is responding in a number of ways to changed conditions.

Rays of hope rise in Oshawa’s battle against child poverty.
Durham District School Board’s sweeping pilot project to help kids in Oshawa’s 12 poorest schools focuses not just on the usual free breakfasts and after-school programs but on boosting academic expectations