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(1052) Philadelphia suburban poverty

philly22kIf numbers from a series of new reports on poverty are anything to go by the Great Recession is still roiling away around Philadelphia.
Over 22K children in Philly’s suburbs are experiencing deep poverty. Two reports of a series of five from Public Citizens For Children and Youth show more children in Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Bucks counties are experiencing economic hardship now than they were during the Great Recession

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image: Bob via Flickr/CC

(212) Philadelphia, PA

Earlier this year the Philadelphia Inquirer’s architecture critic went on a mission.
Out on the perimeter of Pennsylvania’s largest city she found what appears to be the beginning of contraction.  Forty-five miles from downtown the housing bust of 2007-2008 is still evident.  Serviced lots set out with flamboyant intentions for real estate development remain empty and the value of exurban fringe residential properties is in the basement.  Transit-served inner suburbs appear to be surviving much better.  The author, Inga Saffron, connects Philadelphia’s situation to the wider American picture in which the future of the suburbs remains very unclear in terms of popular preference and economic wherewithal.

Changing Skyline: Suburbia’s outer ring losing shine, some economists say 

photo: Massimo Catarinella via Wikimedia Commons