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(721) Winter mallscapes

sheridanJust as Target’s 133-store self-erasure from Canada picks up force we come across a photo essay of US malls so dead the snow gets into them.

Surreal photos of abandoned, snow-filled malls show the death of an era in America. More eerie than nostalgic, the images show the passing of the age of the American shopping mall—and the broader upheaval that this represents

image: around the corner from the suburban-poverty.com publishing complex is the (long time) dry fountain on the lower level of Sheridan Centre in Mississauga.  A worker died  during the installation of the mall’s Target store.

(608) …and up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude, oil that is.

OIL DISTRICT of LOS ANGELESPumps and derricks in retail parking lots and next to residential cul-de-sacs or automotive junkyards. There is a nicely literal quality to this contemporary colour photo essay about Los Angeles and its oil industry on Atlantic Cities.  The exemplar of sprawl and car-dependant living has been producing crude for a hundred years.

The urban oil fields of Los Angeles

image: Los Angeles oil rigs in 1895: British LIbrary via Wikimedia Commons