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(1318) Suburban police violence

A brutal police shooting of a mentally ill man has rightly upset Mississauga in recent days. What the hell kind of ‘wellness check’ ends in a fatal shooting? Are we going down the same road as the likes of Chicago? If we are, what exactly is our excuse? Even if you are a really huge fan of police and take a harsh view of life how do you justify this kind of thing?

113 suburban cop shootings, zero discipline

Canadian cops keep killing people during wellness and mental health calls

(606) Bulking up the po-po

BearcatPolicing and community protection are important commodities.  Are the authorities dispensing these things in Canada immune to American trends?  Doubt it.  We aren’t reassured much by our memory of the G20 conference in Toronto in 2010 for starters.  Shouldn’t we be “bulking up” the social workers, drop in centres and school boards?

Canadian police forces bulking up with armoured vehicles
Montreal Gazette

‘We call it a rescue vehicle’: growing number of Canadian police forces bulking up with armoured vehicles
National Post

Militarized policing in Canada under scrutiny following Ferguson protests
Edmonton Journal

image: Lenco Bearcat Combat Ballistic Tactical Transport vehicle by Sdlewis via Wikimedia Commons