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(1063) Trumping the poor of America

How on Earth could anyone think a whack-job Manhattan zillionaire hijacking the Republican Party and then the Presidency represents the beginnings of anything good for America?  For America’s poor?  Nope. Nope. Nope.
Things are about to get much worse for poor Americans
I’m a disabled American.  Trump’s policies will be a disaster for people like me

image: Tony Webster via Flickr/CC

(1060) US election upside

Ballot initiatives in America came in along with the gruesome news that an orange Manhattan billionaire, who lives in a gold-plated penthouse, is the president elect.  Such initiatives have all sorts of of local/regional importance and could make things better for working people and consumers.  We’re talking transit projects and minimum wage increases in particular, two things that directly affect the lives of the poor.
Four trends from state and local elections
Glimmers of hope: ballot initiatives
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(947) Excuse me kind sir, WFPIT?

aaaaaaarobfordTime for a new text messaging acronym, yah?
How about WFPIT?
What Fucking Planet Is This?
A certain amount of emotionalism and a whole lot of media drivel was to be expected from the passing of Rob Ford.  Indeed, we have that, layered as it should be, over an acknowledgment that his family’s (ongoing) pain is quite real.  Even for us reading the media output after the big man’s passing from cancer has been pretty awful stuff.   The combination of North America’s aspirational culture with the political illiteracy of the masses offers us one of its most  disturbing manifestations in the career of Rob Ford.
We like these three items because they offer considered perspectives on Ford and Ford Nation.
Rob Ford, 1969-2016: a legacy he never intended
Andray Domise: the Rob Ford legacy that many refuse to confront
An honest assessment of Rob Ford’s legacy. Rob Ford’s impact on the city includes harm inflicted on some of the city’s most marginalized residents, and a worsened political discourse. We shouldn’t forget this
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(552) Hello? Ontario, you home?

Adolphe Bitard TéléphoneOther than watching Tory Tim “Tea Party” Hudak make an innumerate fool of himself the current provincial election has a distinctly phoned-in feel: with voters as guilty as the “playas” looking for votes.  Oh well, apathy always ends well, doesn’t it?  And the minimum wage hit $11 per hour yesterday!

OCAP infographic: Still A Poverty Wage

Why isn’t poverty an election issue in Hamilton? Hamilton anti-poverty organizations want to push it to the forefront of the Ontario election

Group urges campaigns to reflect on poverty

image: Le Telephone. Bibliotheque Nationale de France via Wikimedia Commons

(480) Sticking up for the poor

Rob Ford sticks up for the poor peopleFolks, he’s sticking up for poor people.  Seriously, is there going to be eight more months of this?  Suburban-poverty.com can’t imagine anybody worse for the poor than this barely there, mismanaging city-hater.  If there is no legal mechanism for getting rid of what’s left of this ill mayoralty can a social and moral one emerge?

Suburban-poverty.com wishes safety, patience and strength to the Rob Ford Must Go sit in.  Starting its seventeenth day: this is a healthy example of citizens responding to a threat to where they live and what they care about.  NoMoRoFo!

RFMG on Twitter
RFMG sit in Facebook page

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(449) Metropolitan Revolution on Denver

DenverTwo principals from the Brookings Institution are staffing a project called The Metropolitan Revolution.  There is material from a book of the same name, a blog, an iPad app and more on the site which concerns itself with “how cities and metros are fixing our broken politics and fragile economy.”  Top notch content as far as the governing of realities of American cities and metros are concerned.  Suburban-poverty.com was impressed with this item on Denver, CO.

What makes cities and suburbs set aside old conflicts and collaborate to compete?

(396) Explaining RoFo II

X-Ray VisionHave you been wondering why Boss Ford’s low-income fan base still loves their local Big Man, the Deus Dixon, their own Rex Rexdale?  We were, too.

Rob Ford: Low-income supporters stand by their mayor. Mayor Rob Ford’s support among low-income people is a paradox to critics who say he has consistently voted against programs that would help the poor. But his supporters in Rexdale social housing complexes say they support him because he’s active in the community.