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(845) Scrubbing London

owstEligibility statistics for a UK children’s meal program appear to indicate the way lower income people are being rushed out of the UK capital.

‘Vast social cleansing’ pushes tens of thousands of families out of London. Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich

image: D. Howard via Flickr/CC

(823) Looking at food and food banks in Canada

145219869_0e6c14aaec_zFood banks have been part of life here for three decades now.
Maybe we have never seen them properly.

Going hungry: digesting Canada’s food security problem
globalnews.ca – see hyperlinks

Shut up and take my money! Or, why cash transfers aren’t a silver bullet for food banks
rabble.caend of a three-part series by Jesse Bauman

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(796) Ontario sees 94% increase in low wage working population [CCPA Report]

4129777039_7c45cca11b_zIn a word: brutal.

Ontario’s ‘eye-popping’ shift to low-wage work. “You feel like you’re a dime a dozen,” says single mom Jodi Dean, echoing others whose precarious work lives are reviewed in a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

A higher standard
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  30-page .pdf file

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