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(760) A “real” living wage for Toronto & area [Report]

mem$18.52 per hour is a serious wage.  Well above minimum, it’s what a couple with two kids would need to have each to get by on in greater Toronto. This finding is from a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. CCPA’s living wage functions as a more realistic and humane cut off than the low income measures generally in use now which lean toward a brutal minimalism most of the time.

Making Ends Meet. Toronto’s 2015 living wage
38-page .pdf file

Toronto couples with kids must make $18.52 per hour each to get by, report finds. Sharp increases in the price of basic necessities in the GTA, combined with low-wage jobs, are making it harder to support families, says a new report on Toronto’s living wage

(759) Two from Torontoist

apticonRental complaints and hidden homelessness on a popular GTA blog.  Good work on the social conditions file, Torontoist!

Hidden homelessness in the suburbs. While homelessness is often thought of as a downtown phenomenon, experts warn of “hidden homelessness” in the suburbs

Mapping Toronto’s rental complaints. A look at licensing and standards data shows that older high-rises in priority neighbourhoods receive the most complaints