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(760) A “real” living wage for Toronto & area [Report]

mem$18.52 per hour is a serious wage.  Well above minimum, it’s what a couple with two kids would need to have each to get by on in greater Toronto. This finding is from a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. CCPA’s living wage functions as a more realistic and humane cut off than the low income measures generally in use now which lean toward a brutal minimalism most of the time.

Making Ends Meet. Toronto’s 2015 living wage
38-page .pdf file

Toronto couples with kids must make $18.52 per hour each to get by, report finds. Sharp increases in the price of basic necessities in the GTA, combined with low-wage jobs, are making it harder to support families, says a new report on Toronto’s living wage

(759) Two from Torontoist

apticonRental complaints and hidden homelessness on a popular GTA blog.  Good work on the social conditions file, Torontoist!

Hidden homelessness in the suburbs. While homelessness is often thought of as a downtown phenomenon, experts warn of “hidden homelessness” in the suburbs

Mapping Toronto’s rental complaints. A look at licensing and standards data shows that older high-rises in priority neighbourhoods receive the most complaints


(758) Life expectancy & location in Australia [Report]

australiaNow and then we feel a certain concern for our perspective at suburban-poverty.com.  Poverty is serious stuff.  Are we maybe missing something, here?  Are we barking up the wrong tree? Do we apply a healthy skepticism to our point-of-view often enough?

Then we read stuff like this: data on life expectancy from Australia.

Living in the suburbs could take three years off your life. But it doesn’t have to. The further you are from your state’s parliament house, the more likely you are to be disadvantaged. But greater local control of policy can change all that

(752) Serious spatial mismatches

clockFour, five and six hours of commuting is crazy.

Why Americans live farther from work than they did a decade ago. A new Brookings report finds that jobs have sprawled outside city centers and away from poor and minority suburbs
Atlantic CITYLAB

Long commute to Silicon Valley increasingly the norm for many
KQED News (video 3:42)

Suburbs such as Montgomery County rethink transit to court millennials

(744) Second hand index

thriftEveryone settles into a relationship with the thrift shops.  Maybe its just for a book or two a year and not necessarily for a course in how to make work socks from the sleeves of 80s sweaters but sooner or later we acknowledge the thrifts.  EBay and Etsy, too.  Canadians commend themselves when they recycle a thing, however small.  Second hand is all around us and seems to be a true growth industry offering entertainment and a sense of discovery along with hard goods. Those in social difficulty have been ahead of the better off on this file basically forever.  At first we thought a formal economic index for thrift, an S&P 100 for Canada’s junk shops and vintage clothing might be a bit much but we’re finding it impossible not to acknowledge value in this offering from online reselling powerhouse Kijiji.

The Kijiji second-hand economy index: 2015 report
38-page .pdf file

image: S Jones via Flickr/CC