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(864) Hamilton Spec poverty series

4022467725_300abe7362_zThe Hamilton Spectator launches a series today looking into poverty there.  First up is a consideration of the need to study poverty and the way that got tougher when Harper ditched the long form census.  We are all for getting as much data as possible on poverty in order to help kill it.  On the other hand, can’t we just crank up a basic income for Canadians and take care of things that way?

Local poverty picture blurred by lack of data . The road ahead: End of the long form census left local planners half blind. The poverty project 10 years later

(850) That time of year [Hunger Awareness Week & Daily Bread report]

H15With some spare time between the joys of back-to-school and the horrors of Halloween Canadians are free to discover the country’s food bank activity.  For Greater Toronto a decline in the core for food bank visits is seen.  An incredible 45% increase ( since 2008 ) for the inner suburbs reflects the harsh dynamics of real estate inflation and income inequality here.  Women and children rely more heavily on food assistance, as they have in the past.  Further recognition arrives this year of those who regularly do without for a full day each week.  Truly, this is something our system produces.

Who’s Hungry 2015

Toronto food bank report highlights nationwide problem
yahoo.ca with CBC video 1:58

Hunger in Toronto is a tale of two cities. Food bank use in Toronto continues to rise in the city’s inner suburbs and drop downtown, according to Daily Bread Food Bank’s annual report

Toronto’s food banks see rising demand in inner suburbs

Suburban poverty has arrived in Toronto, food bank data shows

(845) Scrubbing London

owstEligibility statistics for a UK children’s meal program appear to indicate the way lower income people are being rushed out of the UK capital.

‘Vast social cleansing’ pushes tens of thousands of families out of London. Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich

image: D. Howard via Flickr/CC

(820) Federal election called today

uniCharts galore all over news and social media the last few days are telling us that the Harper Conservatives are Canada’s most crap  government in economic terms since 1946.  Surely the opposition parties can take that to the bank over the next eleven weeks.  Oh, and has an election ever been called on the Sunday of a long weekend in your lifetime?

Rhetoric and reality: evaluating Canada’s economic record under the Harper government
66-page .pdf file from UNIFOR