(610) GTA child poverty

Emoticon Face Frown GEA report released this week had us cringing.  Why?  Because across Toronto about thirty to forty percent of children live in poverty.

Toronto child poverty rate at ‘epidemic’ levels. Toronto activists call on city mayoral candidates to address Toronto’s “epidemic” child poverty rate which is the highest in Canada, tied with Saint John, NB

image: Granny Enchanted via Wikimedia Commons


(594) Screeeeeech!

Don't_jay_walk_1937Poverty makes getting hit by a car a good bit easier.  Really, it does…

Pedestrians dying at disproportionate rates in America’s poorer neighborhoods. Many cities have made pedestrian safety a priority, but their efforts rarely focus on poorer areas, which have approximately double the fatality rates of wealthier communities governing.com

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image: Works Progress Administration traffic safety poster from 1937 via Wikimedia Commons

(588) Suburbabetes

800px-Sugar_2xmacroDiabetes rates have been mapped in detail for the first time for the province of Ontario and the results published.  For the Greater Toronto Area the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) maps draw your eye to such places as Brampton and Rexdale, which is to say the sprawl.  The ethnicity, incomes and behaviours of those with this illness in such communities is further established as well. Alarming.

New map reveals diabetes hot spots in the GTA.  Massive study finds nearly half of Ontario’s 1 million cases are in the GTA, with ethnicity a major factor

image: sugar crystals taken by Lauri Andler (Phantom) via Wikimedia Commons

(585) Child allowance: cheap at twice the price

demosAmerican public policy group Demos suggests a mechanism to chop child poverty in half.  You replace child-related tax benefits with a direct monthly benefit.  In a world blurry behind stale right wing fog Demos is a refreshing breeze.

This one weird trick actually cuts child poverty in half demos.org

B.C. has highest child poverty rate in Canada: report. One in five children statistically poor, says new report by youth advocacy group First Call


(581) Minimum wage up one penny since 1975

lunchroomRecent findings from Statistics Canada indicate that minimum wage in 2013 dollars has risen over the last three decades by the face value of a now defunct copper coin.  So, this means we can stop researching and debating the minimum wage and put it up to fourteen or fifteen bucks per hour immediately, right?

Minimum wage in 2013 just a penny more than 1975, after inflation: Statistics Canada.  A Statistics Canada report says the average minimum wage was $10.14 in 2013 and the 1975 wage, expressed in 2013 dollars, was $10.13.

(577) OECD on capitalism

TitanicCapitalism has generated plenty of complaints over the last decade or so.  Being written off in an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development paper takes us to another level completely, somewhere beyond a mere culture of resentment to something baleful indeed.  The OECD has been a major component of the global ecosystem of  bodies that measure and direct economic life on the planet.  Their predictions for the global economy through to 2060 generated quite a bit of coverage on blogs and in the mainstream media this week.  We appreciated a piece from the Guardian in particular.

The best of capitalism is over for rich countries – and for the poor ones it will be over by 2060.  Populations with access to technology and a sense of their human rights will not accept inequality

image: the iceberg thought to have sunk RMS Titanic via Wikimedia Commons

(571) How poverty taxes the brain [Infographic]

poverty brain infoMintPress News and socialworkdegreecenter.com provide a value-rich infographic on the effect of poverty on the brain for poverty awareness month.  Poverty is tough on brains: we needn’t be a genius to figure that one out!

How poverty taxes the brain

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