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(845) Scrubbing London

owstEligibility statistics for a UK children’s meal program appear to indicate the way lower income people are being rushed out of the UK capital.

‘Vast social cleansing’ pushes tens of thousands of families out of London. Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich

image: D. Howard via Flickr/CC

(820) Federal election called today

uniCharts galore all over news and social media the last few days are telling us that the Harper Conservatives are Canada’s most crap  government in economic terms since 1946.  Surely the opposition parties can take that to the bank over the next eleven weeks.  Oh, and has an election ever been called on the Sunday of a long weekend in your lifetime?

Rhetoric and reality: evaluating Canada’s economic record under the Harper government
66-page .pdf file from UNIFOR