(626) Stagnant incomes

-Wash_your_hands_before_touching_your_eyes-_-_NARA_-_516048Here’s ready-to-use ammunition for your next firefight with a neoconservative.  So much for recovery: incomes in Canada and the United States are not going anywhere.

image: District of Columbia Society for the Prevention of Blindness poster via NARA/Wikimedia Commons

(610) GTA child poverty

Emoticon Face Frown GEA report released this week had us cringing.  Why?  Because across Toronto about thirty to forty percent of children live in poverty.

Toronto child poverty rate at ‘epidemic’ levels. Toronto activists call on city mayoral candidates to address Toronto’s “epidemic” child poverty rate which is the highest in Canada, tied with Saint John, NB

image: Granny Enchanted via Wikimedia Commons


(594) Screeeeeech!

Don't_jay_walk_1937Poverty makes getting hit by a car a good bit easier.  Really, it does…

Pedestrians dying at disproportionate rates in America’s poorer neighborhoods. Many cities have made pedestrian safety a priority, but their efforts rarely focus on poorer areas, which have approximately double the fatality rates of wealthier communities governing.com

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image: Works Progress Administration traffic safety poster from 1937 via Wikimedia Commons