(674) Varsity blues

ramenFood bank use by university students is the subject of this item from the University of Toronto publication The Varsity.  Being a post secondary student isn’t cheap and there’s always been a low rent element in student life.  But this recent data indicates a higher level of sacrifice and difficulty is now attached to getting further education than was the case in the past.

Food bank usage among students increasing: report. Eight per cent of annual food bank users in Ontario are senior citizens, students

(672) Housing the GTA

Snowy night in TorontoCanada’s biggest city-region should have the best housed people on the face of the Earth.  The following opinion piece from The Toronto Star reads well next to the Daily Shelter Census from the City of Toronto.

A perfect storm for action on affordable housing. The political stars are aligned, so it’s time for every one of us to become a champion for affordable housing

Housing & Homelessness Services: Daily Shelter Census

image: Toronto at night in winter by Joe Howell via Wikimedia Commons