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(916) What’s gone wrong with America’s white working class? [Princeton study]

awcSystemic collapse: that’s what the serious upward spike in the death rate of white America’s working class suggests.
A Princeton University study has come up with some worrisome numbers that include alcohol- and drug-related deaths and suicides.  Not since the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s has this group experienced this kind of extra morbidity.
All hollowed out: the lonely poverty of America’s white working class theatlantic.com

(912) American roundup

povertyUSASo far, poverty is one of the least-mentioned items in the 2016 US federal election and its coverage in the mainstream media.  With that in mind, here’s a load of dismal poverty news from our southern neighbour in one posting:
Obama is right, terrorism has taken over cable news
The best poverty journalism in 2015: Talk Poverty Radio’s picks
20 links – talkpoverty.org
Most Americans are one missed paycheck away from poverty. A majority of us would be too broke to deal if a $500 emergency came up

More than half of Americans reportedly have less than $1000 to their name

45 million Americans live in poverty, but you wouldn’t know it from watching 2016 [election] coverage

(899) Debt, debt collection & African Americans

ppbDebt, poverty’s nasty sibling, is the topic of an ongoing series in US magazine ProPublica.  In part four, linked below, the effect of debt and debt collection on African Americans is examined.  A particular suburban field-of-dreams is mentioned.

Why small debts matter so much to black lives. Due to the racial wealth gap, black families have far less in savings than whites. The consequences can be far-reaching and often severe

(888) Student debt republic

US student debtLess-than-the-best housing is an up front tactical issue for students. A deferred, strategic issue, and probably the more socially worrisome of the two, is the enormous debt they can wind up carrying.  Not a pretty trillion-dollar picture in America.

Where do Americans have the most student debt? A new map tracks the growing crisis down to a zip code citylab.com

Student debt can hurt women more than men. A loan can be more financially painful for women, whose pay doesn’t grow at the same rate as men bloomberg.com (video 5:07)

(880) US minimum thanksgiving

tgivingWe love maps at suburban-poverty.com.  And we have a soft spot for minimum wage workers.  Then on top of that we know our way around a turkey dinner, even if we eat ours early – on Canadian Thanksgiving – which was, like, weeks ago.  Anyway, the map with this article shows you how much toil a minimum wage earner has to take on to produce a turkey dinner by state.  Six to seven hours.  Probably not far off what you’d have to do for the same meal in Canada.

How hard is thanksgiving dinner on minimum wage?
attn.com/Fairness Project

(864) Hamilton Spec poverty series

4022467725_300abe7362_zThe Hamilton Spectator launches a series today looking into poverty there.  First up is a consideration of the need to study poverty and the way that got tougher when Harper ditched the long form census.  We are all for getting as much data as possible on poverty in order to help kill it.  On the other hand, can’t we just crank up a basic income for Canadians and take care of things that way?

Local poverty picture blurred by lack of data . The road ahead: End of the long form census left local planners half blind. The poverty project 10 years later