(723) Every fifth suicide unemployment related [Study]

910972416_f337a8c2e2_zJust in time for Valentine’s Day was this week’s publication in Lancet Psychiatry of a study on suicide and unemployment.  Globally, about 45,000 people have been ending their lives yearly in direct response to a lack of work.  The study included dozens of countries during the period 2000-2011.  That means even before the Great Recession unemployment was damaging mental health.  Even during good economic times suicide prevention and social services must be tuned to the influence of unemployment.

Suicide, unemployment, and the effect of economic recession
link to abstract

image: marie-II via Flickr/CC

(708) Younger workers

payroll insertsWhen the business press comes up with something other than “rah rah markets”, or a profile of the latest over-achiever, we tend to notice.  This short item about younger workers is a nice example.

Millennials’ job plight is more complex than simple unemployment. Even young people with jobs still grapple with low wage growth, job insecurity, high debt loads and more  canadianbusiness.com

For more on this:

Government had warning about foreign workers and youth unemployment.
Five of the top six industries that employ youth are among top half of industries bringing in temporary foreign workers, internal documents show thestar.com

Artists have been practicing under austerity and precarity for centuries.  So…

Hey! Let the kid become an artist

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(644) Canada’s elites

PolozyJian Ghomeshi gives us a glimpse into the character and psychology of Canada’s elites. Enough to make us shudder.  Now Stephen Poloz adds something to the profile.  Poloz is a $400k-a-year central banker who suggests serfdom to his country’s young people as they face record unemployment.  With these shallow, narcissistic and glib role models oozing an odd admixture of indifference and authoritarianism what are the youth to make of their elders?  The same elders soon to be at the pension counter.

Bank of Canada governor tells jobless youth ‘living in folks’ basements’ to work for free Hamilton Spectator

(484) Good work, Tories! [Canadian Chamber of Commerce report]

Unemployed men hop rail cars 1930sLame jobs performance has brought criticism to bear on the federal Tories from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  When a pro-business organization like that trashes a dedicated neoconservative entity like the Harper government it’s a true indication that new approaches are needed.  Back in the late 1970s the neocon thing might have looked edgy in some quarters.  It’s about as edgy as an old bar of soap now.  The report is a very good recording of economic life in Canada.  Among the Chamber’s findings:

  • In 2013 the number of “prime working age” Canadians (those between 25 – 54) in employment declined.
  • Employment grew a stunning 0.6% in 2013 – the lowest rate since 2009
  • Youth unemployment is 14% – double the national rate
  • Nearly all new jobs are part time, service sector jobs with poor wages
Canada’s Labour Market Sputtered in 2013 17-page .pdf file

image: unemployed men prepare to ride rail cars in the 1930s, City of Toronto Archives via Wikimedia Commons

(473) Ford Nation’s backyard employment numbers

Rexdale Scary employment data for “mayor” Rob Ford’s home turf appeared as a pinkish, downward plunging line today. Ford Nation’s twin namesakes hail politically from suburban Rexdale, up in the northwestern corner of the GTA, which has had something of an employment meltdown since Rob first seized councillorship there in 2000.  Doug Ford became councillor for Rexdale upon Rob’s ascension to the mayoralty.

Among Rob Ford’s various claims is that the city is booming, going from post-gravy train strength to strength under his leadership.  A leadership embodying an efficiency-minded and sensible skill set and a loyal family-approved team honed away from tax-and-spend liberals in the real world of private business.  Yet even lower-paying retail and service jobs have declined in Rexdale – indicating a reality on the ground that doesn’t match Ford’s grandiose, craptastic world view.  How sad it must be, for a duo that never stop banging on about their business smarts, who fetishize efficiency and management skills like all good neoconservatives, to have such a lacklustre economic picture outside their front doors.

This is what has happened to the Rexdale job market during the Rob and Doug Ford era The Grid

…and sadly: Twitter account parodying Rob Ford suspended
( Mayor Rob Frod ) Huffington Post

(380) Ontario’s jobless youth [Report]

Young Woman WorkingWe’ve had the weekend to absorb the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report on youth joblessness in Ontario.  Pass the Tylenol.

On Friday the good folks at the centre forced us to consider the prospect of a lost generation.  Windsor, Oshawa, Brantford and London carry youth unemployment rates at twenty percent which places them in the same danger zone experienced by many European Union member nations in recent years.  Toronto is right behind these communities with just over eighteen percent, according to the report.  The Statistics Canada data in the document indicates that in five years youth have seen little in the way of meaningful participation in recovery and can expect to continue to live impaired lives in terms of employment.

Ontario’s youth unemployment among worst in Canada: Toronto has highest unemployment rate for 15-24-year-olds
cbc.ca – includes short video

The young and the jobless: youth unemployment in Ontario

image: young woman working by Bill Branson via Wikimedia Commons

(325) Chronic, systemic funemployment

Davenport_(PSF)Just because the Internet meme “funemployment” expired sometime during the past winter, or maybe in 2009, we don’t remember exactly, it doesn’t mean the laughs are over…

Essential advice on your lengthy unemployment The New Yorker

Funemployment Radio 
“Day drinking and podcasting” and actually a ton of other stuff from two young Americans who lost their real jobs in broadcasting in Portland, OR a long time ago

image: Pearson Scott Foreman via Wikimedia Commons

(319) UK female unemployment [Study]

AVROWhen the mortgage bomb blew, the banks began caving in, the governments began bailing out, the Baltic Dry Index nosedived, railway equipment, trucks and airliners were parked all over the place with nothing to carry the Great Recession seemed to hit men hard.  The post-2008 crash was in fact nicknamed a “Mancession” because unemployment in construction and manufacturing was a huge part of it all.  It’s also, apparently, the era of the descent of man.  Now, in the UK at any rate, a study indicates the bad news is catching up with women.  Such as the economy there can be said to be in a recovery, or at least skimming past a so-called triple-dip recession, the new action in job-creation is benefitting women less than it should.

Unemployment among UK women rising to 25-year high, survey finds: almost three times as many women as men have become long-term unemployed since 2010, says Fawcett Society
You can link directly to the report from this guardian.co.uk article

image: woman installing electrical equipment in an aircraft plant in the 1940s via Imperial War Museum – Wikimedia Commons