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(1059) Woods & basements

Backlash.  We think that’s what you call it when an idea turns and inflicts a set of consequences.  In this case, it’s the sprawl so enthusiastically embraced in so many parts of southern Ontario in the 1980s and 1990s.  For lots of folks, SUVs and monster homes are still working well.  For others, not so much.  It seems a confluence of resources, inequality and a stunning lack of imagination are problematic indeed when it comes to community design.  To wit, recent pieces at cbc.ca/news.  Woods and basements, people.
Beyond Toronto’s borders, homeless means living in the woods. Camps of men without any place to go are situated on Newmarket’s fringes
Hidden poverty lurks in basements of Vaughan monster homes, advocates say. ‘They see the beautiful homes in Vaughan and say, ‘There’s no problem here’

(873) Vaughan: Canadian Index of Wellbeing applied to GTA suburb for study

VaughanHopefully Stephen Harper will avail himself of his ex-Prime Ministerial benefit plan and begin getting some emotional counselling.  Nobody is ever truly beyond hope, not even an angry neocon control freak like him.  At the larger scale, no community is ever truly beyond hope, either.  Change for the better awaits those willing to think through how they came to be where they are and what they must do going forward if they are to become the healthiest, happiest and most authentic versions of themselves they can.  One of the major components of the Greater Toronto Area is Vaughan.  Vaughan is a lucky place in many ways but it could maybe use some counselling, a road map to behavioural optimization and self-actualization, as it were.

Study takes hard look at ‘well-being’ of Vaughan. Research compares quality of life in the GTA suburb to the province and country