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(1064) Productive Canadians need a raise [CSLS report]

Merit is supposed to be one of the anchor concepts of modern economics.  A good product, for example, merits sales, a smart lawyer merits his fees, and so on.  Why aren’t we productive Canadians getting a nicer hit on payday, then?  Our productivity is up but the Centre for the Study of Living Standards finds that we aren’t really being rewarded for that.  Wages have risen more slowly over time than our productivity.  Have we changed our tune on merit?
Labour productivity and the distribution of real earnings in Canada, 1976-2014 (45-page .pdf file)

(913) Ontario: industry & precarity

Highway 401Ontario is still a busy province that makes a lot of stuff.  Drive along Highway 401 and you will see huge numbers of every type of truck carrying every kind of load you can possibly imagine.  Yet, for working people things are different somehow.  Having a job just isn’t what it was.
This is why workers are fed up with Ontario’s precarious, low-wage economy pressprogress.com

image: Katelyn via Flickr/CC