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(991) CBC feature: food mirage, food deserts

fooddesertOne of the top three or four most clicked-upon postings at suburban-poverty.com is (138) Left Coast Food Deserts from June of 2012.  Recent efforts at University of Winnipeg to fine tune the understanding of this phenomenon have just emerged.  Sprawl watchers may note the role driving a motor vehicle plays in helping define who lives in a food dessert.
Food mirages leave Canadians knocking on food bank doors. Food insecurity still a problem when available nutritious food sources aren’t affordable for many
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(462) Checking Winnipeg

WinnipegCost-of-sprawl considerations affecting Winnipeg, Manitoba are considered in this article by an architect living and working there.  While the city is experiencing growth it also hosts notable poverty, especially among First Nations people.  A progressive and balanced future through internalized growth – in the core and the suburbs – is pretty much a no-brainer for Winnipeg if it wants to remain in reasonable control of its future.

Embracing density. Keeping urban sprawl in check beneficial to everyone
Winnipeg Free Press